Elijah Cordova: Akinz Artist of the Month

The beauty of expression captured in an image.

Elijah Cordova (@elijah.cordova) has done a beautiful job at creating a design that captures the illusion of mystery and women so beautifully. So perfectly that we want to print it over and over again on our favorite tees. Read on to learn more about this month's featured artist.

This month's artist tee is an ode to the chameleon. The tank showcases a woman with long flowing hair and mysterious details. The reality of a dream conceptualized by Elijah Cordova.


Elijah is a hair colorist,  hair stenciler and an amazing artist. What is hair stenciling? It is a festival hair trend that involves using temporary spray color and stencils to create designs, patterns and art on your locks for a uniquely colorful look.

If you are thinking about giving it a try, contact Elijah on his Hair and Makeup Facebook page.

As both an illustrator and hair/makeup artist, beauty is something that inspires Elijah Cordova's art in a very literal sense. His collection, Uncosmetic, features his twist on the work of beauty photographers, stylists and models.

Our men's muscle tank of his design lets the boys show off all that is muscley and manly while showing a touch of their feminine side. It looks great underneath your favorite flannel in this changing fall weather.

UN•COS•MET•IC (adj.) /un'käz'medik/

1. The utilizing of one's beauty as a tool of expressing their innermost psyche and the desire of becoming who they want to be.
2. Beauty favors the bold.

You can purchase one of his shirts on our Akinz site or bring in one of your items to the shop. His design expires at the end of the month, so get yours now! We are happy to share Elijah's beautiful designs with you by screen printing them on any item you would like to bring in for just $10.


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