Get Your Costume For Halloween at Akinz

Get Your Costume For Halloween at Akinz

Are you stressing out about your Halloween costume and coming down to the wire? Never fear, Akinz is here for all of your costume needs! We have new items out for this fall and you need to come in and check them out!



The beanie ideas are endless! You could be Steve Zissou from Life Aquatic or one of his Team Zissou honorary members. Recruit your friends and find some sweet track suits to match your sweet new red stocking cap from Akinz. It is a great costume to keep warm in on this upcoming chilly Halloween night. Our MVP Fold Beanie is American made and would make Steve Zissou very proud.


Black never goes out of style. Either does keeping warm while trick-or-treating. Our hooded cowl will keep you stealthy in this year's ninja costume. Slip into disguise by tying a black bandanna around your face to keep your identity a secret. Try it on with our Born to Roam  black long sleeve to add to your mystique. Some soundless and flexible Compression Leggings will have you prepared for jumping fences and hiding in bushes all night long.

galaxy horsetooth

Want to live out your dream of being a yoga instructor that leads retreats on mountain tops. You'll be the most ZENned out party-goer in our galaxy leggings and mountain mermaid tank. You can paint an OM tattoo on your forearm, put on some mala beads and say "Namaste" to everyone you encounter throughout your Halloween travels. If you wanted to be more ghoulish, you could be a zombie that has reached enlightenment by coming back to Earth. All you need is a good makeup artist to pull that off!


Get your lumberjack on! If you go to a party solo, you won't leave there alone.  Girls love lumberjacks. Put on our Woody Tradesman hat and out Signet Henley long sleeve to get started. If you have a flannel and Carhartts, put them on. Fake beard? Check. Small hatchet in pocket? Check. You don't even have to match your flannels to pull off this look.

We look forward to dressing you up this Halloween season! But whatever you do this Halloween, be safe. Akinz loves you.


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