New Space update!

So... space is finally somewhat starting to come together, which is great considering the party is tomorrow. (umm... not ready). But, I thought I'd share some of the new stuff with you guys. Most importantly, we have a mini-fridge! And it is stocked with the essentials (AKA: lots of beer, a few Dr. Peppers, boxed wine, and LOTS of cheese balls).

One of the challenges we had as far as screen printing in the new space is that there wasn't a separate room that we could use as a darkroom to make screens, so our solution was to build a light proof screen drying cabinet to store screens and use UV safe lighting when the cabinet was open or we were coating them. This kinda tested Bumpas' carpentry skills. He worked on it for over a week straight, but he got it finished a few weeks ago so I could start printing summer stuff. And now, I finally painted it a couple days ago.

Screen drying cabinet

Everything is finally starting to come together... just in time. Now I just might have time to finish some of the shirts I wanted to print for the party. More updates as the day goes on!


  • Jay on

    Nice cabinet Bumpas!

  • Ruben on

    Nice cabinet! Do you got any more pix of it? i thinking of building one too.

  • Suz on

    I think I might have some more pics… that was a couple years ago now though. I’ll have to dig around. email me suzanne(at) and I’ll send ’em to you.

  • Angel on

    I’d like to point out the “safety first” sign on the door in that photo Miss “I’ll just stand on this spinning chair to paint high up” !!!!

  • Suz on

    Haha… that was there when we moved in. Which means I don’t have to abide by it. :) Now, when/if I get employees, they will have to put “Safety First” :)

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