Our Top 5 Picks for an Adventure Ready Fall

Our Top 5 Picks for an Adventure Ready Fall

Did you know that a whopping 45% of the population says that Fall is their favorite season of the year? Even if Fall doesn’t call your name as much as it does to others, almost everyone can relate to the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with all things Autumn. It’s hard to resist colorful outdoor adventures from brisk nights around a warm bonfire, galavanting in a pumpkin patch, drinking a crisp beer at a tailgate or even just strolling around town as the leaves transform around you.


The Akinz crew works hard year-round knitting and creating to make sure that all the snug necessities of Fall are at the ready when the chill nights start to creep up on us.

Kick off the season with some of our favorite Akinz gear that not only has our classic and fun outdoor designs and style but will keep you toasty during all your cherished Fall shenanigans…What makes all these exploits that much better is that they all come with cozy sweatshirts, warm beanies, soft socks and everything in between!

beanies made in usa

Fall is the start of beanie season, so what a better place to begin! Our handknit beanies cover all the bases you might need during the Autumn days that start out sunny and end a bit frigid.

If you’re out and about in the sun but still want to protect those ears from the chilly air or wind, try our lightweight Jackson rolled-edge beanie or go-to lightweight MVP beanie! Easy to tuck away in a pack or purse and pull out whenever it’s needed. Our Verse Hooded Cowls are also the perfect happy medium, throw it on over any shirt or crew neck and toss up that hood whenever you feel the need.

If your excursions are a bit on the cooler side, try one of our thicker knits! Our fitted Ahab Handmade Beanie and Waffle Rib Beanies come in solid colors and can go with anything you have on. Or if you want something with a bit more pizzazz try our Ski Patrol or Bristlecone beanies that come in fun colors and patterns!

fall flannels

We all know that cozy sweatshirts and flannels are fall staples, pair either one with a long sleeve tee and you have some layering classics! An especially crucial move during those fall days that go from chilly to blazing hot. Good ol’ Colorado, right? If you’re needing something that is a nice in-between, our button down flannels are everyone's favorite addition to a layered outfit. Can’t go wrong with a classic flannel!

cozy sweatshirts and hoodies for fall

Next, grab your pick of one of our vintage washed crewneck sweatshirts that are already perfectly broken and ready to tag along for the ride!  Need a hood?  Don't worry, we have lots of hooded sweatshirts for both men and women!

Long sleeve layering tees

No matter the adventure you’re looking forward to having, we have the perfect 'fit for those unpredictable and weather changing days! Versatile and perfect for the heat of autumn days, grab a lightweight long sleeve tee or pullover. Hood or no hood, it’s gonna be the perfect underlayer.

made in usa performance socks

No surprises that we have to cover all the bases, head to TOE! Complete your fall fit with some comfy tall crew socks that truly are meant for everyone and everything. Choose between our simple but fun designs that come in acrylic or merino wool styles! If fall wasn’t your favorite season before, after getting some gear it just might be ;)


top 5 clothing picks for an adventure ready fall


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