Park City is OPEN!

A post from Erika Vikander on December 20th about the opening of Park City.

ErikaPark City has finally opened, with 3 parks up and running. The first few days of shredding we all got to enjoy a very nice little 3 jump line right on homerun. The jumps are so fun! The new park director of PC is doing a great job, and I am excited to see what he has in store for the rest of the season, and the bigger parks.

They also opened up pik-n-shovel. The setup in there is so fun. Starting off with two picnic tables together to make a long one, down rail, wall ride, another down rail, and into the jumpline. With 5 perfectly built jumps to session, people are throwing down, and it's easy to learn new tricks, because they are not your typical lippy park city jumps. The pipe is open too- and its HUGE! I haven't had the opportunity to ride it yet, but I will definitely make my way over there tomorrow!

That's it thats all folks! Go ride PC!


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