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Commuter Tee in the window at The Wright Life, Fort Collins, COSo... Fort Collins bike to work day was last Wednesday the 23rd and I am just now getting around to talking about how amazing it was! Started the day sharing Toolbox Creative's breakfast station with some yummy breakfast bake. Spotted our Commuter tee in the window of The Wright Life! Woot! We had a table set up with the commuter t-shirts benefitting the Fort Collins Bike Co-op and some people even stopped by wearing their commuter tees just to show their support!

Then we were off to make our bike deliveries, as promised. Started the day super-focused and fast and then around the time we realized we only had 2 bike deliveries left to make, we got a little sad that it was coming to a close. We were having so much fun seeing sides of Fort Collins that we normally wouldn't and enjoying the sunshine. That's why we decided to KEEP BIKE DELIVERY! Woohoo! Yep, that's right... we are going to continue offering bike delivery to the Fort Collins area as long as weather allows. Who knows, I may even get brave and deliver by bike in the wintry months. But, for now, it will be available until further notice and can be expected to be delivered one day a week, the day depending on the weather conditions.

But, the best part about the bike deliveries is this: Instead of continuing to offer free bike shipping, we will be charging standard shipping costs for bike delivery and donating the shipping money spent to a charity that you choose. Each month I will be asking you to submit your favorite local Fort Collins charity and let the local public vote on which one we donate the money to for a month.

So, of course, you have from now until the end of June to buy a commuter t-shirt for the $2 to go to the Fort Collins Bike Co-op and then we'll start on the next charity on the 1st! Please submit your favorite local Fort Collins charity by commenting it on this blog post.


  • Suz on

    Ok… I’ll add it to the options! Haha… I know! It fit perfectly, I just had to take the picture. :)

  • Ashley Zenzen on

    My favorite charity is CHAMP—Character in Athetics, Make it a Priority!…..I work for them :). We will be launching a new website soon!

  • Ashley Zenzen on

  • Shawn Perry on

    It’s a good place to start

  • Sarah Jane on

    I love my commuter tee!

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