Sunglasses at Night After Party Recap

I'm just now getting the recap up from the Akinz Sunglasses at Night After Party because I have been recovering up until this point. The party was April 3rd at Amante in Steamboat Springs and was tunes were provided by local djs, DJ Theory and DJ Dicon.

The party started at 9 and the early party-goers started up the dance floor by 9:30 and it didn't stop bumping until the party ended at 2:00am. Team skiiers Josh Satterfield and Brandon Krentz, being the youngun's they are, avoided the mayhem that was the bar and dance floor area and started up their own hacky sack game by the entrance... enticing others tipsy and sober alike to join in.

I don't think Amante knew what was coming their way, considering they had to make 2 separate beer runs to the local liquor store and still ran out of beer before midnight. Of course, after the beer was gone, the liquor was soon to follow. By the time we decided to stop taking cover at the door around 11:45 , they had already run out of vodka, and were on to rum and whiskey. At the end of the night, they only had 2 bottles of white wine left.

Overall, there were plenty of shenanigans for stories the next day and everybody was of course wearing the new Akinz Shenanakinz sunglasses which was a lovely sight to behold. I've heard reports of them being spotted all over Steamboat for the past couple weeks and there were quite a few Akinz sunglasses spottings at the Copper closing weekend.

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Check out all the photos from the party in our Facebook album.


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