Update from out West - Claire Hewitt-Demeyer

In this sad sad winter of no snow, the land out west, AKA Tahoe has been getting the worst of it, but Claire hasn't let that stop her, she's filling up her weekends with rail jam time. Here's a little update from our western team rider, Claire Hewitt-Demeyer.

I am competing in the USASA rail jam series for 2011/2012. USASA has hosted two events in South Lake Tahoe so far. The first competition was held off of HWY 50 by Reagan beach. A lot of locals came out to compete and have a great time! On 12/3/11 twenty five competitors came to Tahoe for the 1st USASA rail jam series. I took 2nd place in the event. The second USASA rail jam was hosted this weekend 1/6/12, this event also was a competition to get an invite to the Winter X Games in Aspen Co. I took 1st place, Natasha Sagucka took 2nd, and Julianne Brackett took 3rd. Along with taking 1st place I took runner up for the invite to the Aspen winter X Games. I hope that you can all make it to the 3rd event on 2/3/12 go to Usasa.org

Claire Hewitt Demeyer rail jam
(photo by Nathan Vetter)

I did two competitions this weekend the other being the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail jam. Volcom's 1st stop of the Peanut Butter and rail jam was at Sierra Resort in Tahoe. The set up was a lot of fun: a down flat down, pole jam to pole bonk, and a down rail. There was a lot of great talent that showed up for event. Everyone gave it their all! Here are the results of the competition: Girls: 1st Rebeccas Bruce, 2nd Fancy Rutherford, 3rd Julianne Bracket, 4th Claire Hewitt-Demeyer, and 5th Tasha Sagucka. The top five finalists of each division got an invite to the championship in Mammoth Ca, April 21, 2012 for a winning of $20,000.

I want to thank my sponsors: Flow Snowboards, Akinz Boardwear, Essi Eyewear, and Shred Betties Magazine.


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