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Preorder your Akinz Colorado Flag Hat

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

Colorado Flag hats are on their way soon. Preorder your Colorado Flag Hat now to make sure you get yours as soon as they arrive!Why preorder? This is the first hat we've had manufactured completely...

Bike Month Kickoff Party at Fort Collins Bike Co-op

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

This Friday we're kicking off Northern Colorado Bike Month with a kickoff party at the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. We'll have our bike t-shirts there for sale, food and bevvies for your enjoyment, and we'll...

HoodLife with Erika Vikander

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

Newest edit from the summer from Erika Vikander.HoodLife with Erika Vikander from Alice Owens on Vimeo.

5 Reasons to visit the Akinz showroom today

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

Today is Tuesday which means we are having our trial showroom hours from 1pm to 6pm and there are many reasons to visit.1. I've had a lot of coffee this morning and I'm in the...

Bike to Work Week and Bike Accessories

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

Fort Collins Bike to Work Day is tomorrow and so far we've raised almost $200 for the Fort Collins Bike Co-op! You have until the end of June to buy your bike t-shirt and benefit...

Erika at the Campus Rail Jam Tour at University of Utah

Posted by Suzanne Akin on

Erika always kills it at the Campus Rail Jam Tour, so the stop at the University of Utah played out per the usual. Check her out all steezed out with her Akinz t-shirt dress and...