Broken at Boreal

Our resident hucker, Claire Hewitt-Demeyer was doing what she does and broke her arm recently I just love when she called to tell me what happened, she said, "The worst part is, they had to cut my hoodie dress off me". haha. Not the worst part Claire, don't worry, we'll get you another one!

"On November 2nd my friends photographer Geno Fondreoli, Never Summer rider Nick Brownsberger, my other friend, Merrick Williams, and I drove up to Boreal Resort for preseason training. We had a great session from 3 to 8pm until I broke my left upper humerus bone while perfecting a 270 onto an urban down flat rail. I have been perfecting this trick for months and during this day trip, I had nailed it three times so my confidence was up so I attempted it again. Unfortunately, this one trick made my snowboarding season end for three months. Luckily, I do not require surgery but I have the pain of watching all of my friends have fun on the snow while I sit at home watching snowboarding videos for three months.

Don't worry, I will see you on the slopes in February 2011. I hope everyone has a great season and DON'T GET HURT!!!"


  • Angel on

    Um, is that bone as broken as it looks? Is the shadow the bend of the elbow…if so, I’m going to throw up!

  • Suz on

    yeah… pretty broken.

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