Shenanakinz featured in Skiing Mag's 2011 Gear Guide

Can you hear my excitement coming through the keyboard? A while back Skiing Mag asked us to send them a sample of our sunglasses. We did so gladly and they ended up featuring them in an online spread about Summertime Sunglasses. We were pretty stoked when that happened.

But then last weekend when I was in Steamboat, a friend of mine said congrats on getting in Skiing Mag. I thought they were referring to this fun little online slideshow and said thanks appreciatively. But then when a second person told me the same thing way more enthusiastically, I knew there was something going on. So I strolled over to Al's Newstand in Fort Collins today and checked out the Skiing Mag 2011 Gear Guide and there I am!

Our Akinz Shenanakinz in Fluoro were featured in the sunglasses section on p. 100, right there next to names like Dragon, Oakley, and Smith. As you can imagine, I'm stoked. So go out and pick up a copy for yourself if you feel so inclined. Or better yet pick up a pair of Shenanakinz sunglasses from our shop, and we might just send you a little something extra since I'm in a great mood!

Akinz in Skiing Mag Gear guide

Me displaying my level of stoke. Yes, my eyes are almost popping out of my head.

Akinz Shenanakinz in Skiing Mag

There they are! Glowing in all their fluoro glory!


  • Claire hewitt - Demeyer on

    i am so stoked for the company!!!

  • Erika on

    yeaaaa girll so sick!

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