Claire's Early Season sesh

Former Summit County local Claire Hewitt-Demeyer headed out to Tahoe this year with dreams of new mountains and new people. I guess she was smarter than us, cause she's already seshing logs in the mountains while we're staring at sunshine. Here's what she had to say about her first day back on (real) snow this season.

On October 7th I left South Lake Tahoe on a hunt for some snow. Chris Lyon, owner of Steez Tech, photographer Geno Fonderoli and I ended up driving up to Mammoth California where in the high mountains they had about 4 to 6 inches of snow. The three of us drove to Horseshoe Lake and began our journey to find a feature we could sesh. After hiking 30 minutes we came upon another lake where we found a perfect half rainbow tree. Fortunately while in Mammoth we met up with a good friend of mine Shannon Johnson who asked us to product test the new Banshee Bungee. Check out her blog on Having the Banshee Bungee came to our advantage since there was little snow and the in-run was flat. The Banshee Bungee is a product designed for riders/skiers to have the ability and speed to hit urban and other features that were not hittable before.

Claire hitting a tree, MammothClaire at Mammothhiking up Mammothsetting up the Banshee Bungee

This winter is going to be amazing now that I have a Banshee Bungee. It will not only push me to be more creative with snowboarding, but it will make me challenge myself as well. I want to thank Geno Fonderoli for all of his hard work, His photos came out great!


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