Get Some! at UNC

We headed over to Greeley yesterday for the Northern Colorado Riders' Get Some! season kickoff event at UNC. The event was way more packed than expected and since we were giving away a pair of our Shenanakinz wayfarer sunglasses if you signed up for our e-mail list, we had a line forming pretty quickly. Since I didn't plan for such a turnout, we ran out of sunglasses in the first 30 minutes. They also almost cleaned me out of stickers and buttons too. Next time I attend a Northern Colorado Riders event, I'll definitely know to be better prepared! Other sponsors were Never Summer, Blacklist Boardshop, The Gathering, and R.E.D. and Burton. Plus they were selling passes and giving out free BBQ. Good times.

Best part was watching the hilarity that ensued for the chance to win a prize. There was a whipped cream eating, bubble gum blowing, run there and back race for a hoodie. I saw two back handsprings into a backflip for a North Face jacket. And a dance contest for a Never Summer sticker. People love free swag.

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