Claire's trip to Supergirl

Akinz had not one, but 2 team riders competing at the Supergirl competition in Venice Beach this past weekend. We love it when Akinz peeps get together and especially when they decide to do an impromptu photo shoot. Here's Claire Hewitt-Demeyer's play-by-play of her trip.

My Trip out to L. A. for the Super Girl Jam 2010 began as I left South Lake Tahoe at 6:30 A.M on Friday the 20th and began my adventure to HWY 395. I love my GPS; it took me the most scenic route possible. It took me 9 hours to make it to Laguna Beach where I met up with fellow Shred Betties and Akinz team rider, Erika Vikander. She was very hospitable for the 4 nights I stayed with her! While i was there we did a photo shoot with her mother on the beach during the sunset. The photo shoot was a lot of fun and the sunset was unforgettable.

Erika Vikander and Claire Demeyer wearing Akinz
Claire and Erika sporting Shenanakinz sunglasses
Claire and Erika wearing the Goldie Tee
Claire and Erika Akinz hoodie dress
Sunday the 22nd Erika and I left Laguna Beach early in the morning to drive out to LA for the Super Girl Jam. The competition was held at Venice Beach on the boardwalk. Venice beach has a lot of creative people. I have never been so dumbfounded and amused in one place all at the same time! The competition brought together some of the top female riders in the industry. Claire Demeyer, Erika Vikander in Laguna BeachIt was 80 degrees out, but the girls and I still threw the snow pants and sweaters on to protect from snow rash. Most of the girls had spent time at Mt. Hood for the summer, and although i have gone a few times this summer, I felt a could have used a little more practice before the competition.

I ended up not placing in the event, however I had a great time and I got a few really good interviews! As a result of the competition I was able to see some of the Shred Betties riders that I have not seen in a while. I was also able to meet some other great riders such as Gabrielle Maiden and Tammie Varner. All the girls that came to the Super Girl Jam were very nice and they all brought good vibes to the event which made the competition fun and enjoyable.

When I left Laguna Beach on Tuesday the 24th I realized even though I did not leave with a 1st place I left with great memories, new friends and the experience to travel Laguna Beach and LA. I hope to have a successful next year at the Super Girl Jam 2011!


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