Erika's take on Supergirl Rail Jam

After an eight hour drive from South Lake Tahoe Claire Demeyer arrived at my house in Laguna Beach on Friday afternoon. We wasted no time taking some lifestyle pictures down at the beach at sunset the following day. Since we both ride for Shred Betties Magazine, and Akinz Boardwear, we thought we would stoke everyone out with some new pictures flaunting our favorite gear! We ended up with some really nice shots that will surely show off our funny/modeling sides.
Erika Vikander for Akinz
The following day marked the 4th Annual S3 Supergirl Jam at Venice Beach, CA. We got up at 7am to avoid traffic on the 405 North, to be pleasantly surprised to find NO traffic at all. Arriving a couple of hours early we had time to register with the wonderful staff at ASA, grab some breakfast, and do some interviews with the guys at FUEL TV. Fox News also covered the event, so I am looking forward to seeing our interviews this coming November.

It was great to see all of the girls again, most of whom I haven’t seen since last season. Everyone had huge grins and were sincerely happy to see one another, which is uncommon amongst females. It was great to see the Shred Betties girls, and we were happily greeted by our amazing team manager Diana, and the newest member of the gang, her baby boy Tosh. Thanks for making it out you guys!

Most of the competitors had been up at Mt. Hood for the summer, and their riding definitely displayed that. Unfortunately I was not able to make it up there this year, so I was a little behind on my skills on the rails, and these girls came ready to throw down.

The first heat consisted of a lot of good riders, the girls really stepped it up from last year in their twenty minute heat. After some redesigning of the course, it seemed to me that everyone was a lot more comfortable trying stuff since there were no stairs underneath the rails. With the anticipation building I was ready for our heat to start.

The second heat seemed like it was more “stacked” to me. Wishing I had some more practice under my belt, I dropped in and tried to get motivated by watching girls like Laurie, Gabby, Megan, Desiree, and Colleen just destroy this setup. Twenty minutes flew by, and I wasn’t feeling very confident about my performance. Mostly due to the fact I haven’t snowboarded in 3-4 months, and I have never ridden my current board on rails.

After the finalists were announced, myself not included, I hung around to watch the rest of the event. Finals were crazy! I was ecstatic to see how much every single girl was pushing themselves and truly trying new things. In the end I saw lots of stylish frontboards, some great 180’s on and off the rail, and some other amazing tricks. In the end it was Danyalle Patterson who took first, Desiree Melancon in second, and Laurie Currier in third.

female riders at Supergirl Rail JamI can definitely say that every single girl had a great time, and was truly inspired by girl power. We are all supergirls at this competition and the good vibes were high. Can’t wait to throw down next year at the S3 Supergirl Jam. Special thanks to Courtney Dornstein for putting this all together and keeping all of the competitors informed, as well as ASA entertainment, Fuel Tv, and Fox news, without you guys this competition would not get the coverage that it deserves!

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    Excellent informative take on S3 SuperGirl Jam you are an inspiration, energy mixed with authentic devotion towards your craft. Keep up the good work!!! Best, Rick

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