New Year, New toys...

Something that we've been wanting to do for a while finally happened! We got our own professional grade printing press, and we got hooked up with our own workshop area. Got the press all set up, got screens waiting to be burned and t-shirt ideas dancing like sugarplums in our heads. Just got to gather a few extra supplies and we'll be churning out t-shirts like nobody's business.

Not only that, but we're getting ready for SIA! We aren't lucky enough to have a booth (read: we don't have millions of dollars yet to spend on a booth), but we'll be showing out of a room at the Curtis.

AND... Akinz has an employee! That's right... no longer a one-woman (plus supportive boyfriend) show... I officially hired someone this morning. All day today we were cutting fabric, ordering blanks and materials, crocheting and sewing... so get ready for some exciting new stuff.

In the meantime, check out the contest Angry Snowboarder is running to snag some of our gear from this winter: Angry Snowboarder Akinz contest


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