NYE Rail Jam at the Canyons

Erika doesn't let the fact that all the other ladies were too busy putting on their dresses and makeup to show up keep her from killing it at the Canyons NYE Rail Jam. She hiked the park with the boys...

The Annual New Years Eve Rail Jam took place at Canyons Resort on Friday, December 31st. With some architectural improvements to the base of the mountain, this years' layout was sure to be much more efficient than years previous.
I showed up around 4 p.m. to register, and with great ease was out and on the hill practicing within 10 minutes. The setup proved to be a step up from the past couple year and consisted of; a gap to down rail, with a pole launch on either side, into two lines at the bottom, on the right you could hit a flat rail to the Skullcandy wall ride, and on the left was a wall ride into a down rail. We practiced for about 45 minutes to an hour, when I noticed something was terribly wrong. There was not one other girl at the competition!

Slightly disappointed, I decided I would still ride as if I were competing with the boys. Fortunately everyone was very encouraging and supportive to me as we all hiked the course for an hour long jam session. The lighting was minimal, the snow had turned to ice, but everyone was still charging as hard as possible. With ten minutes left in the first session people gave it their all to earn their spot in the finals. The judges were handing out bandanas indicating whether or not you made the finals, and after not receiving one during the competition, I figured I didn't have to do finals since I was the only girl!

Wrong. Between the first session and the finals, one of the judges approached me with a bandana and said that they would like me to ride in it.

Once again, I decided to push myself, and ended up having a really great time! With some solid tricks laid down throughout the night, I felt confident about my performance, and am greatly anticipating what the rest of the season has in store for me. Thanks to Canyons for putting on this rail jam, it's always a great way to start off the season right!


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