Sneak Peek Fall 2011/12 - Acid Wash Hoodies

Aqua acid wash hoodie dress Fall 2011 Akinz

One of our favorite items from the upcoming fall/winter line is our acid wash hoodie dress. Each one is acid washed by hand, so the variations in pattern and coloring between each one is absolutely unique. We kept them pretty simple by letting the colors speak for themselves and just adding a print of our wings on the lower back left. I wore mine nonstop last winter ever since we made the first samples and they seem to be everyone else's favorite too since my team riders keep nabbing them from me everytime they see me. (Evidenced below by the pic of Erika Vikander (left) and Claire Hewitt-Demeyer (right).

Erika Vikander wearing the acid wash hoodie dressClaire wearing the aqua acid wash hoodie dress

And the ones we sent to Woodward at Copper as an early release for their summer camps sold out in the first few weeks of camps. I just sent Woodward a new box of freshly acid washed hoodies, so if you are lucky enough to live close to The Cage at Woodward at Copper, go snag one while they've got them. Otherwise, you'll have to wait til they hit our site around September. Although it seems like everyone's favorite is the aqua acid wash colorway, it will also be available in fuchsia, a navy-pink acid wash, and bleachout black.
Acid Wash hoodies come in Aqua, Fuchsia, Pink, and Black


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