Summertime in Oregon

Team rider Erika Vikander spent the majority of her summer up at Mt. Hood trying to get in some epic summer riding and training, but the thing about summer is that when it rains, it makes it hard to pretend that winter hasn't ended yet. Here's how she spent some of those days off the mountain.

"Oregon is truly one of the most majestic places I have ever traveled to. Low clouds, rolling green mountains, thick forest, cold rivers, and amazing hot springs just to name a few things that took place while I was there this summer. I did a ton of snowboarding too, but thats not what I made this edit about. This is more for fun to show what the lifestyle is like up there when you're NOT riding. And let me tell you, it's a lifestyle I could definitely get used to." -- Erika "The Viking" Vikander

Woodsy Shenanigans with Erika, Jonny and JP from erika Vikander on Vimeo.


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